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Lip Gloss. History of Creation.

Among modern women, there is probably no one that does not use lip gloss. The product is very popular and demanded. Still, every woman wants to be adored by somebody and to be in the spotlight. And the lips are a powerful weapon, capable of seducing and conquering unapproachable men’s hearts.

Everybody knows that plump and slightly moist lips look more attractive. Naturally, women could not but improve their powerful weapon, which was given them by nature and invented a lip gloss…

The history of the appearance of lip gloss brings us back to the times of the Middle Ages.
The first documentary mention of its creation came to us from France. Queen Mary of the Medici invented the first gloss in her chemical laboratory.

It included oils, beeswax and vegetable colorant. Even in those far times, lip gloss performed not only aesthetic functions, it took care of the lips and protect them.

But this invention did not become popular immediately. Woman’s appearance and her behavior were under the strict dictates of the rules and morals inherent in the society of that time.

Therefore, lip glosses were adopted by those who lived by other rules – ladies of easy virtue. Only such women could afford a frank demonstration of sexuality, ignoring the existing limits of decency of those times.

Well-known ladies considered the lip gloss vulgar and too provocative.

But time does not stand still. Getting more rights and freedoms, women become more and more relaxed. Awareness of their own sexuality stimulated women to use new ways of self-expression. Lip gloss was added to the powerful arsenal of the beauty industry.

In 1930, Maximillian Factorovich, the founder of Max Factor, released his own version of lip gloss. In those days, the trademark Max Factor was already famous, and specialized in the production of decorative cosmetics for the film industry. The technologists were given the task of creating a lip gloss, with such intense glitter that would be noticeable even on a black and white TV screen. Probably, it was the popularity of the first movie stars of that time, which triggered the mass use of lip gloss all over the world.

In 1932 the lip gloss was available for sale and became popular immediately. And it wasn’t a surprise. The lip gloss had a lot of advantages. Compactness, ease of use, ease of application, visual alignment of the lip surface, the possibility of applying to lipstick or the use of gloss as an independent agent.

In 1973 the first lip gloss in the bottles appeared. It was introduced by Bonn Bell. The gloss was in two sizes – small and large. The small one was compact and easily fit in the pocket, and the big one was on a chain, in order to carry the bottle around the neck. So the women informed men what taste and aroma to expect on their lips when kissing.

The lip gloss includes provitamin B5 and silk protein that moisturize your lips and help to look seductive…

For several decades the lip gloss was constantly improved. Different components were added to its composition, the color spectrum and even fragrance of lip gloss were expanded. In 1973 flavor enhancers were added.

The last step in the development of lip gloss was the use of natural components. Dangerous to health preservatives were excluded from its ingredients. Nowadays the great amount of lip glosses does not only adorn the lips of young ladies but also take care of them and it is very important because the lips often suffer from dryness and peeling. That’s why vitamin B5 and silk protein, the moisturizing and nourishing components were added to Pudra lip gloss.


But gloss content was not always important. For example, the jewelry company H.Couture Beauty produced the most expensive lip gloss in the world.  It’s price was $ 8 million and that lip gloss was ordered by a famous businessman. It was a gift to her daughter on her 25th birthday. It’s tube was made of 1200 pink 18-carats diamonds. By the way, an annual free refilling was provided for this purchase.

We are sure that your lips will always be seductive and sexy with PUDRA lip gloss.

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