About the beginning of PUDRA cosmetics

Як розпочиналась Pudra Cosmetics

About how it all began…

PUDRA cosmetics is created in Ukraine…
And everything started trivially simple – from a dream…

Why is it simple?
Because everyone dreams and if not all – then many of us. But to make a step towards your dream, to go to it, not to be afraid of making a mistake, do not betray it, to believe in success in spite of … only one can.

So, it was my unreal fantastic dream and the happiness to work for 8 years in a beautiful company, which today is the leader of the perfumery & cosmetics industry. I am infinitely grateful to this company, because it has changed my life forever and gave me the opportunity to work with the cosmetics of famous brands. Here, I learned to understand the textures and tones, to feel the shades, to have an idea of the fashion trends and hot makeup trends.

There was a bold idea – to make one’s own, Ukrainian brand that would not be worse than any foreign brand.
There was belief in yourself and in your dream as well as 2 years of hard work – from birth of the brand name and design to selection of the palette, assortment, cases and packages and testing of raw materials.

And here it is…
PUDRA cosmetics – born in Ukraine.

Українська декоративна косметика Пудра Косметікс

This is just the beginning. A lot of interesting is ahead.

The assortment is still incomplete but we are ready to introduce PUDRA cosmetics to all Ukrainian beauties, because we believe that cosmetics adds color to the life of a woman, it gives self-confidence, cheers up and makes us, the girls, unique and sexy!

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