Lyudmila Kilimniuk – official make-up artist Pudra!

This is the motto of our team.
Recently, passion has grown.
Meet, there is an asseccion in our team  ..
Kilimniuk Lyudmila – makeup artist and brand technologist joined the team of YOUNG, AMBITIOUS, CREATIVE and ACTIVE.
She  sounded “in unison” with us immediately.

This girl    didn’t betray herself, leaving   «not her » position in the bank, searched and  found herself in the world of beauty and style.
Everything is simple.
She does what she likes.
The percentage of involvement is maximal.
There is fire and passion in her eyes.
There is professionalism and creativity in the movements of her hand with a brush.
Her life principles: to exceed expectations, to change the world for the better, to influence and to learn.
She inspires.
Learning from the world and European masters, participation in the Ukrainian Fashion Week, Podollye Fashion Week, Vinnitsa Fashion Days, victory in the international photo competition, stylists’ training course in Paris, work with Ukrainian celebrities Olga Sumskaya and Vlada Litovchenko, foundation of the school – studio and training center “Kolibri”, development of author courses and programs.
It’s all about her.
But no, not all. Cooperation has began…
Follow us.
Soon you ‘ll see interesting educational video courses and articles
From PUDRA with LOVE.

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