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Powder or foundation?

Every woman wants to look gorgeous, to  attract attention and to  feel confident. Perfect skin is the dream of every woman.
And even those who have it almost perfect – will always find something to correct. In this  case  make-up comes to help us.

For today in decorative cosmetics there is a lot  of ways which help to make a perfect make-up, hide lacks and emphasize advantages, but without a perfectly even skin tone this task is practically impossible.
Therefore, the question of choise – a powder or a foundation  remains actual.

What to choose a powder or a  foundation?

Let’s look at the difference between them …

Powder and foundation  are two absolutely different instruments  that perform different functions and in no case replace each other.

The foundation is the basis of successful make-up, it smoothes the skin tone, hides defects, protects the skin throughout the day.
Naturally the foundation  should be suitable for your skin type.

Loose powder  often performs the function of fixing the foundation and is applied after the foundation with a special brush.
Of course you can apply it without applying a foundation first , but the skin tone smoothing effect will be difficult to achieve.

Compact powder is a product that each of us has in the  purse. It  is also called “the rescuer  of makeup”.

The durability of the classic foundation  is 4-5 hours.
If more time passes , your make-up looks not so perfect and compact powder helps to correct the make-up and smooth the tone  throughout the day.

You should remember that before applying the powder you need to dab the face with an absorbent napkin.

Cream powder is still a foundation but it has  more dense texture.
With its help it is more  easier to smooth  the skin visually .  In addition it suits  for combination / dry skin better.

Does  the foundation clog the pores?

The main fears associated with the foundation is that it clogs the pores and as a result the   redness and the irritation appear.
But the  industry of beauty does not stand still. Modern foundation consists of   the components that nourish, moisturize and care of  the skin.
Another important point is the protection of the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.
Modern foundations contain an SPF filter that protects our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
It helps us to look younger and more attractive because it’s not a secret for anyone that photoaging is the first sign of real aging.
Therefore, the foundation  should be chosen carefully.

The foundation  is used not only  for smoothing the skin tone and masking the deficiencies, but also for caring for it.
Therefore, when choosing,   pay attention to what type of skin it is intended for.

What foundation  is it better to choose  for oily skin?

If you have oily skin  a foundation provides  you a permanent make-up, absorb the shine that appears throughout the day and dry the rash on the skin.
Such foundation should be on a water basis.
If you choose the foundation for the dry skin right  , your skin will feel comfortable and will remain hydrated throughout the day.
Pay attention that  nutritious oils and moisturizing ingredients should be included in the composition of foundation.

Normal / combination skin.

For this type of skin, you need to choose a foundation for the normal skin type. It will absorb the shine in the T-zone, and moisturize the skin on the cheeks, and also provide protection throughout the day. You should remember  that before applying a foundation or powder, it is necessary to clean the skin, use the tonic  and apply a day cream. It will serve as a base for make-up.

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