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Rules and mistakes daily makeover

Main Rules and Mistakes of Day Make Up
Every of us wants to look attractive and “like a million dollar”. We are women and that’s why we should look properly, be perfect and seductive. But sometimes trying to be the best of the best we use any ways to attract somebody’s attention and put on too bright make up, being afraid that somebody will not notice expressive eyes and enticing lips.

And sometimes it looks funny )))

The basis of daytime make-up is naturalness.

No one of course agitates you to make an invisible natural make-up – “make-up without make-up» but you have to observe the measure in everything. The distinguishing feature of such make up is the use of natural calm shades   which give the face a fresh and healthy complexion and of course emphasize beauty.

Main rules of daytime make up


  • Put on you make up only in daylight
  • First, put on the corrector to all uneven skin areas and only then the foundation.  The foundation should have a light texture.
  •  Before using foundation put on your moisturizing cream. The foundation will lie much better and will not dry the skin. The first emphasis is on the lips or eyes.
  • Your make up should be natural. Use matte shadows of calm shades.
  • Blush should be natural – just to highlight the cheekbones on the face.

The foundation should match the color.


Main mistakes of daytime make up


  • Too dark, or shiny shadows with eye makeup. Using too much shadows.
  • Bronze blush is left for evening make-up.
  • Too light corrector under the eyes. On the contrary it will emphasize all the defects you want to hide.
  • Pearly shadows will add age and accentuate wrinkles.
  • Too much foundation. It emphasizes pores, irregularities and wrinkles.
  • The eye liner’s line is too thick. It should be exceptionally thin in order to emphasize the shape of the eyes.
  • Heavy eyelashes. A large amount of mascara on the eyelashes makes the look heavy and the makeup rough


It is too difficult to achieve the ideal but let’s strive for this and avoid mistakes.

Follow a few simple rules of putting on you make up and you will look magnificent and please others with your beauty.

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