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Why do men like red lipstick?

Why do men like red lipstick?
Psychologists say that the first thing a man pays attention to when meeting a woman is her lips. That’s why lips are considered to be a symbol of femininity, sensuality and seduction!
And the queen among the lipsticks is red…
Red lipstick as it turned out affects men strangely.

wo specialists from the University of South Brittany, Nicolas Gueguen and Celine Jacob conducted an experiment.
Three waitresses of the Vanchsi restaurants were chosen and they made up their lips with red, pink and brown lipstick or even gave up lipstick.

447 visitors were served during the experiment.

Earlier explorers from the University of Rochester in New York have already scientifically confirmed that women in red attracts men’s   attention most of all.

“A woman is   successful for sure if she puts on a red dress for a date”

It’s no secret that red is the color of passion, love, energy, courage. According to psychologist’s bright shades both in the wardrobe and in the make-up help to increase self-esteem, emotionality and the most important thing – turn a woman into a bold and cheerful.

As the result of the experiment: waitresses with red lips received more tips from the visitors than other waitresses.

The most interesting thing is that the appearance of waitresses had no effect on female visitors but you cannot say the same about men, according to a report published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management.

According to scientists’ point of view, the red color of the lips is associated with a high level of estrogen and sexuality. That’s why, many makeup artists recommend their clients to choose the red lipstick.

How to choose a shade of red lipstick?


Owners of dark hair should take into account that the greater the contrast between skin color and hair, the brighter the lipstick.
For example, it would be better to use wine and red shades for the owner of porcelain light skin and red – brown and cherry shades of red for the girls with dark complexion.

Light haired

Light-haired girls should prefer light and bright colors of cold tone. It will help to refresh your complexion and make a good accent. Do not choose a very dark red or reddish-brown tint.

Blonde and redhead

First of all, you should determine which shade of hair – warm or cold. Lipstick should not contrast with your hair.
By degree of saturation, it is better to choose muted tones.

Brown haired

Brown-haired women should also identify what cofolor of hair do they have – warm or cold.
Lipstick for brown-haired women can be of any degree of saturation, but it is not necessary to have fancy for a terracotta shade, as well as a bright lilac tone.
Your red should be as pure as possible.

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